Friday, January 13, 2017

Painting to Sculpture

Here is the cheap version of the painting I was inspired by:
Title: An Extensive Landscape with Cottages near a Lake
Artist: Richard Wilson
Size: 81.3 X 124.8 cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
When it was made: around 1745

To be honest, I picked this piece because it looked nice and easy. It inspired me how I thought it would look cool to put mountains in bowl form.

I created a cheesy version of a mountain bowl with trees (I really don't know how to tree) It's related by the mountains and a little house and the trees. I was thinking about putting glass for the lake part but I wanted a food safe bowl. That's also a reason why it's glaze, because I wanted a food safe bowl. I was going to put a lot more detail into it but I prefer food safe over detail

Cardboard Room

I created illusion of depth by making it all zigzag thing by removing the top layer of the cardboard. I cut the little humps in half and like brushed it to one side so it was a darker shade, it's suppose to be a dark room. I raised the left and right sides of the hallway to make it seem more like walls but it didn't quite work. It's suppose to be a
dark hall way with a shadow coming out of the open door

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Apparently, Styrogami is the Godly art of Styrofoam Sculpture

Challenging part of this mini project:
Sticking the things in to make it look like a flower. The cup rim even broke
I would redo the whole design because it still looks like a cup but at least it's a cool looking cup
Most successful part would be that I got the petals in and everything was just like "Oh this might look cool" and on whim like most things in life. Food.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Peer Review

I didn't get a partner because I was helping with your project. You mentioned exemption :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Figure Project


Some Problems (already): The Strawberry was being a butt, the cake wouldn't stay circular and was hard to get to the shape I got

In Progress Photo:

Finished Photo:

Some troubles I had with the project was my Oval Cake being OVAL. and the Cardboard being a stinky booty. The most successful about this project was the shape of the head. If I could change anything I would not do anything ever again like this because it was too hard to do cardboard but I wanted to challenge myself but I'm too lazy for challenges
My Process:
Affixed wire in certain positions to create the shape I want.
Wrap Wire with Aluminum foil and stuffed with trash/grocery bags.
Put tape to secure everything.
Mache/Cardboard it
Joint Compound it and paint


This was a class work.
The idea was to make a wall of yarn and have people post what they want on the wall (relating to the question "What my future holds").
I kind of thing it worked since there were a lot of cards.
I might change the timing this was planned because this was poorly planned.

**Detail Shot to be uploaded**

These are installations I really liked. 

Vessel Project

Me and Ralib were trying to do wax and ice cream together but that didn't work out. He wanted to do something different so I just went with the ice cream cone we had planned. It was kind of hard to do.

Process: I took a slab and I measured out a nice size for the sides and cut that out and made the little cup part. Then I made the smaller cup part and stuck that on the side. I took what I had for the bottom and cut around it to make the bottom part so I could not have a hole in it. I had to cut away a lot to get the ice cream cone kind of shape inside and outside.

My difficulties would be the size, the shape, the detail that I lacked

What was most successful is that it came out looking kind of like and ice cream cone.

I made it so me and Ralib could do our wax ice cream and glazed ice cream cone but that didn't work out so I just have an ice cream cone.

**Picture to be uploaded**